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Project Description
Guided by some of the basic principles (easy to use, easy to understand and easily expandable) SiteFox is primarily intended for quick and flexible development of web sites. The project is built using technologies that have in practice proved to be the best and most stable. Keeping in alpha stage project is planned over the next few months. After we include all planned features in the project, then we will move on to beta stage.
For developers who want to extend current features there are two ways to do that: by adding new WebPart and second by addming new ASCX (custom control) into system. You can always get last version from SVN, add custom stuff and compile it as custom edition.

1. File Manager
2. Blog Manager (enables unlimited number of blog's)
3. BackUp & Restore - not implemented
4. SiteMap Manager
5. QuickLinks Manager (enables unlimited number of QuickLinks groups)
6. Security Manager for Roles, Users and Access roles
7. Search - not implemented
8. Statistics - not implemented

WebParts included
1. Blog (Archives, Categories, Comments, Posts, Post)
2. Data (DetailsView, FormView, GridView)
3. Login (Change password, Login name, Login status, Login, Password recovery)
4. Multimedia (Image gallery, Image rotator, Video gallery, Video player)
5. Navigation (Menu, TreeView, QuickLinks)
6. Standard (Calendar, HtmlEditor, Image, PageView, Xml)

With every new release we have new database structure, and new object model inside solution.

In the future, we plan to add many features, among other things:
1. Statistics - db completed only Charts to be implemented.
2. Dynamic DB - tested and completed just takes time to implement.
3. External DB communication model - a plan to be done.

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